La Collection – L’esprit


This passion for great wines led him to meet the Bouey family, owners and wine merchants who first set up business in the Médoc vineyards in 1821.

Patrick and Jacques Bouey enabled him to fulfil his dream of a Personal Collection of great Bordeaux wines, encompassing his favourite estates, all Classified Growths.

His collection embodies his style, with wines of outstanding pedigree, from the finest terroirs and crafted to celebrate friendship and the pleasures of culinary art.


Anxious for people to enjoy the delights of his Collection without having to wait too long, François-Louis Vuitton has focused on the more recent vintages. With each owner, he therefore chose a selection of wines to produce a Private Cuvée, eminently personal and crafted especially for him.

Such special, individual gems offer a journey through elegance, revealing the intrinsic character and diversity of the Bordeaux terroirs.

Le Luxe à la française

As a worthy representative of French-style luxury, François-Louis Vuitton was duty-bound to design an exclusive presentation for his new collection. Each bottle, after patient maturing in the cellars of its original château, is labelled and packed by Maison Bouey.

These magnificent caskets, whose elegance is matched only by the attention paid to every detail, are stamped with the three initials ‘FLV’, the same as those engraved on Francois-Louis’ first set of cufflinks.

Thus presented, each bottle in the collection is a unique gift: a pleasure to treat yourself to or offer to your best friends.