François-Louis Vuitton

Like all the boys in the family, François-Louis inherited his forename from his great-great-grandfather, Louis Vuitton, founder of the prestigious House. His friends simply call him “FLV”.
He spent his childhood near Paris, in the family home which now houses the tailor-made workshops of the iconic luggage manufacturer.

François-Louis, however, opted for a different destiny to the one his family had intended for him. He was to become the entrepreneur of Parisian elegance.

A lover of all that is good and beautiful, appreciative of fine food, rare wines and cigars, he is the epitome of hedonism and the French lifestyle.

He continues to pursue his passion for wine, being for years extremely fond of Bordeaux and the laidback, relaxed ambience of the Bay of Arcachon. Often the focus of discovery and sharing with his friends, his passion becomes the subject of a Collection, leading him to meet impassioned estates owners, whether of Grand Cru Classé wines or more modest wineries.

FLV le film